Improvements in or relating to rotary pumps or motors


605,267. Rotary engines and pumps. FRANKLIN-HOWES (ENGINEERS), Ltd., and WILLIAMS, J. W. June 20, 1945, No. 15657. [Class 110 (ii)] Sliding-rocking vanes 7 are supported by rings 37 mounted on needle bearings 27 which are concentric with the bore 8 of the working chamber. An eccentric rotor 19 is built up of segments 20 held to end rings 22, 23 by bolts 21, the rotor rotating on bearings 30, 32 and driving, or being driven by, a shaft 24. Steel plates 29, 31 act as thrust rings. Inlet and discharge ports 15, 16 are provided. Lubricant is fed through a port 33 to fall on vane rings 37 and bearings 27, and thrown out centrifugally to lubricate roller bearing 30 and slippers 28 and to feed intersecting grooves 34, 35 in the plate 31.




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