Improved device for stapling strips of belting together


604,437. Stapling. HAYDEN, Ltd., J. E., WHEATLEY, E., and POTTER. J. J. Jan. 15, 1945, No. 1117. [Class 89(iii)] A device similar to that described in Specification 565,024 for stapling together strips of belting with abutting longitudinal edges is characterised in that one of the feed rollers comprises a pair of independently-mounted co-axial rollers 2c, 2d each having means 2b for adjusting it towards or away from the oppositely-disposed feed roller which comprises one or two rollers. The rollers are each provided with helically-toothed and longitudinally-ribbed detachable outer sleeves. A turnbuckle 2m is provided for varying the length of the connecting rod 2k operating the feed rollers. A pair of guides 26a are provided for urging the -strips of belting into edgewise abutment. Guide rollers 26 are adjustably mounted on rods 3a, one of which is graduated to assist in setting the guide rollers when the strips of belting are first inserted in the stapling device.




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