Improvements in and relating to indium plating


602,027. Electrodeposition of indium. VANDERVELL PRODUCTS, Ltd., SALMON, J. E., and GREEN, D. F. Jan. 2, 1945, No. 149. [Class 41] A soluble solid or dehydrated material which when dissolved in water will give a stable indium plating solution is prepared by evaporating to dryness a solution containing a soluble indium salt, dextrose or other stabilizing saccharide, an alkali metal cyanide and an alkali metal hydroxide. The dry product may be reduced to granules or powder. The ingredients of a typical solution for evaporation consist in 60 millilitres indium trichloride solution containing 500 grammes per litre of indium, 30 grammes of dextrose, 60 grammes of potassium cyanide and 60 grammes of potassium hydroxide. The potassium compounds may be partially or wholly replaced by the sodium compounds in the proportion of their respective molecular weights. Specification 573,848 is referred to.




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