Adjustable slip gauges


600,437. Slip gauges. COVENTRY ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., and GRINDLAY, R. R. Nov. 16, 1945, No. 30725. [Class 106 (ii)] An adjustable slip gauge comprises two elements 11, 12 with parallel gauging faces 13 and inner faces 15, 16 which are slightly inclined by different amounts, respectively, to the faces 13 and which contact with correspondingly-inclined faces on one or more intervening elements 14, there being one More element altogether than there are pairs of differently inclined surfaces, the inclined faces being prepared to allow wringing together; each pair of elements having releasable locating means to control their sliding adjustments, and the pairs of contacting faces being provided with index markings corresponding to the inclination of these faces, As shown, the inclination of faces 15 is ten times as great as the inclination of faces 16, relative movement of elements 11 and element .14 recording thousandths, and relative movement of elements 12 and 14 recording ten thousandths of an inch. The locating means is similar to that described in Specification 592,105, the element 14 having a channel 17 in its upper and lower faces and spaced holes 18 to receive, respectively, the locating pins 20 and spring-pressed plungers 19.




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