Improvements relating to flushing cisterns for water closets

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Fred Freeman
  • Publication Date: February 05, 1948
  • Publication Number: GB-597906-A


597,906. Water-waste preventers. FREEMAN, F. July 15, 1946, No. 17965/45. [Class 26] In a flushing cistern of the externallyactuated siphon type, the siphon comprises a plurality of flexible curved pipes o extending from the flush pipe q upwards to rigid links m connecting them to a spring- (i) loaded lever k, whereby they are held normally at one point above the highest water level in the cistern with their free ends s submerged, and said lever being operable against its control spring to depress the pipes o to become completely submerged and so initiate siphonic action. An open cup-shaped member u depending from the free ends s of the pipes o is said to render the termination of the siphonic action more positive in that when the water level falls to that of small holes that are formed in the pipes slightly above the edge of the cup u, siphoning ceases, water pressure on the cup due to water motion ceases and the flexed pipes lift it momentarily clear of the water level so fully breaking the siphon. The cistern is provided with a well t into which the cup u and the free ends s of the siphon are depressed on flushing. The lever k may be actuated mechanically by the arm g, or electromagnetically. An electric lamp e may be provided to prevent freezing of the water in cold weather.




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