Sealing devices for doors, windows, and the like

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Thomas Brown
  • Publication Date: January 23, 1948
  • Publication Number: GB-597336-A


597,336. Doors, windows, etc.; excluding draughts and preventing rattling. BROWN, T. May 3, 1945, No. 11214. [Class 20(iii)] A draught or weather excluding device for doors, windows, and the like comprises a resilient metallic strip anchored at one end and extending across the gap to be sealed, the strip having a thickness of from two to four thousanths of an inch. The strip may be of brass, copper, phosphor bronze, steel or tin plate. As shown in Fig. 1, the strip has plane surfaces 4, 5, but a curved or corrugated section may be provided. The attachment is by nails, or by drawing-pins 6 which may be attached to the strip by welding, soldering or the like. Alternatively, wood - penetrating tongues may be struck up from the strip. The strip may be welded or soldered to the outsides of the heads of the pins 6 or may be bent on itself to lie both over and under the heads of the pins 6, and the' outwardly directed part 5 of the strip may be omitted. The strip may be attached to a wooden member 12 secured, as shown in Fig. 5, to the bottom of a door 13, and in the case of worn floors or steps, the strip may be cut transversely to provide a number of independent excluders having varying degrees of accommodation to the irregular floor. In a modification, Fig. 10, the strip engages a V-groove 14 in the opening edge of a door 16 to serve as a catch and antirattle means. The edge of the strip may be extended at 18 to engage the face of the door to cushion the door against slamming. A V-section strip may be inserted with its apex directed parallel to the floor between the skirting and floor boards, and secured by a few widely spaced nails passing at right angles through the apex into the floor.




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