Automatic infeed and ejecting attachment for grinding machines


596,895. Feeding articles from stacks or piles. HECKETHORN, J. E., LEONARD, E. J., BOURG, A. B., and HECKETHORN MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY CO. Aug. 3, 1945, No. 20014. [Class 117] [Also in Group XXIII] A centreless grinder (see Group XXIII), has an automatic work feed which is synchronised with the automatic removal of the work and automatic feed of the control wheel. An article 40 from a vertical feed hopper 42 is pushed on to a work rest 20 by a feed plunger 45, Fig. 1, reciprocated in a plunger box 44 by a rod 49 connected to one end of a lever 50 fixed to a shaft 51 oscillated by a crank 60, Fig. 2, fixed to its other end. This crank is attached to spring tube 58 containing a pull rod 57 with a head 59 between which and the top of the tube is confined a compression spring 61. The pull rod 57 is connected to a pivoted lever 55 lifted by a cam 31 on a driven shaft 28. To stop the motion of the feed plunger while still rotating the shaft 28 the spring tube 58 is held so that although the rod 57 can still move against the action of the spring 61 the crank 60 is stationary.




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