Improvements in or relating to wood screws

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Thompson Prod Inc
  • Publication Date: January 07, 1948
  • Publication Number: GB-596598-A


596,598. Wood-screws. STEVENS, A. H. (Thompson Products, Inc.). March 28, 1945, No. 7838. [Class 89 (ii)] Wood-screws, particularly adapted for securing the lids of wooden boxes, are in two parts, of the same external diameter, permitting the removal of the lid without disturbing the threaded end of the screw in the box. The point part 10 of the screw is hollow at 15 and tapped with a machine thread to receive a screwed stub 21 on the head portion 20. The two parts seat by a shoulder 22. The screw is inserted into a drilled hole in the usual way, but on unscrewing, the parts separate, leaving the point portion in the box. The hole in the part 10 may be countersunk to facilitate entry of the stub 21 and may have a screw-driver slot to facilitate removal if required. The head of the part 20 may have a screw-driver slot or a projecting rib.




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