Improvements in hydraulic reciprocating pumps


594,615. Reciprocating pumps for liquids. BERRY & CO., Ltd., H., and FIRTH, D. June 6, 1945, No. 14234. [Class 102 (i)] [Also in Group XXVI] In a high-speed reciprocating pump for liquids in which rams 13 are operated in one direction by eccentrics 8 on a common shaft 6 and in the other direction by springs 14b, the eccentrics comprise one-piece rings made separately from the shaft and afterwards pressed or otherwise secured on parts of the shaft which are concentric with the parts supported in the bearings thereof, the eccentrics acting directly without the use of straps. As shown, the eccentrics 8 are integral with a sleeve 7 pressed on to the shaft 6 and engage the heads of the rams 13 through hard rings 10 mounted on ball bearings 9. In other forms, the eccentric rings are mounted directly on collars integral with the shaft and of increasing size to facilitate assembly or the ball bearings themselves constitute the eccentrics. The cylinders 11 in which the rams operate are provided with valve, assemblies 15, 16, each detachable as a unit.




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