Moulding method and apparatus

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Ford Motor Co
  • Publication Date: November 14, 1947
  • Publication Number: GB-594600-A


594,600. Casting. FORD MOTOR CO., Ltd. April 12, 1945, No. 9163. Convention date, May 29, 1944. [Class 83 (i)] Moulding-machines.-A method of making a mould comprises wrapping a flexible pattern around a positioning post in a mould box, tamping sand into the space in the box surrounding the flexible pattern, inverting the box, removing the box, coiling the flexible pattern inwardly to extract it from the moulded sand and then lifting the coiled pattern from the sand mould. Pattern.-The pattern comprises a series of flexibly connected elements having outer surfaces conforming with the shape of the inner surface of the cavity to be moulded. A flexible pattern for a hob comprises eight elements 7 conne'cted together by parallel hinge pins 8 and having outer surfaces formed with projections 11 arranged to form a spiral series of cutter-shaped teeth when the pattern is in expanded position. The mould box comprises a floor 1, a vertical wall 2 and a vertical post 3 of general octagonal cross-section with vertical grooves 4 at the junction of the flat surfaces 5 into which nest the hinge portions of the patterns. A dowel pin 6 upstanding from the floor 1 enters a locating hole 15 in one of the pattern elements. After the space between the wall 2 and the pattern has been packed with sand; a cover 17 is placed over the mould box which is then inverted and withdrawn, leaving a mould 16 with the flexible pattern embedded in the sand. Moulders' tools.-A tool comprising a screw 12 with loop handle 13 is screwed into a tapped hole 14 of the pattern and the pattern is then coiled and withdrawn. Centrifugal casting-machines.-In Fig. 8, the finished mould 16 is shown arranged for centrifugal casting between a base mould 18 and an upper mould part T9 between which is supported a core 22. Molten metal from a pouring cup 21 passes through sprues 20a and 25 to gates 26 in the base mould. In a modified form the molten metal passes from the cup 21 to the gates by way of a central riser passing through the core. Specifications 579,097 and 582,819 are referred to.




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