Improvements in or relating to card record apparatus


594,176. Statistical apparatus. WHITSON, J. W. June 27, 1946, No. 16361. [Class 106 (i)] Improvements in the card filing and segregating apparatus of the type described in Specification 362,447 include the provision for automatically effecting alignment of the cards and restraint of selector bar and keyboard operation until the aligning operation has been performed. An electromagnet 53 co-operates with metallic strips 31 on the cards to bring them into alignment when a button switch 120 is depressed. Depression of a switch 54 (Fig. 6, not shown) starts a motor 59 driving a commutator 60 which, through brushes 62, 63 and 64, alternately energizes the magnet 53 and the coils 133 of the selector magnet 72, respectively, the coils 131 being energized continuously while the key 54 is depressed. The magnet 72 is hinged at 139 and is rocked to a horizontal position, against a spring 138, by a member 137 which is oscillated by a link 136 from the motor. These movements ensure the correct selection of cards from the file. Instead of the motor 59, two buttons may be depressed alternately to energize first the magnet 53, then the coil 133, and the rocking of magnet 72 may be accomplished solely by magnetic attraction between the magnet and the cards. The selector bars 15 which are raised by key levers 19 fulcrumed on a bar 20, slide forwards and upwards by the co-operation of slots 16 with bars 17. They are positively returned, and the keys 18 restored, when a magnet 38 is energized by depressing a key 32 (not shown). The armature 42, hinged at 43, engages slots 46 in all the selector bars 15 and thus returns the selector bars and also operates the cutting devices 26 described in the Specification referred to. A bolt 122 prevents movement of the selector bars until, upon depression of a key 120, energization of a magnet 121, Fig. 3, withdraws the bolt from the path of the armature 42. In a modification, the bolt 122, Fig. 9, is bevelled so that it is pushed clear during the restoring movement of the armature 42.




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