Multi-way liquid valve

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Chain Belt Co
  • Publication Date: November 04, 1947
  • Publication Number: GB-594145-A


594,145. Multiple-way valves. CHAIN BELT CO. Feb. 20, 1945, No. 4300. Convention date, May 29, 1944. [Class 135] In a multi-way liquid valve for use, e.g. in a concrete mixer where water is supplied to a measuring tank and is then delivered to a mixing chamber, a casing 11 has a liquid supply connection 21, a tank connection 19 and a delivery connection 18. Cylindrical valve members 31, 27 controlling inlet and outlet ports' 22, 16 are backed by resilient washers 32, 28 for effecting a liquid-tight seal and are mounted, together with a piston 36, on a common spindle 26 to form a valve assembly, operable by a lever 40 pivoted at 41 and having a lost-motion connection with the spindle. The area of the piston 36 exposed to the pressure of liquid in the supply 21 is slightly greater than that of the valve member 31 and slightly less than that of a spider plate 29 backing the washer 28, whereby the valve assembly is retained in either of its two positions by liquid pressure. A spring-pressed detent bar 51, engaging a roller 60 carried by the lever 40 assists in retaining the valve assembly in either position.




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