Improvements relating to permanent magnet structures


592,568. Bearings. BRITISH THOMSONHOUSTON CO., Ltd. June 29, 1943, No. 10532. Convention date, June 30, 1942. [Class 12 (i)] [Also in Groups XX, XXXV and XXXVI] In a permanent magnet structure, particularly for relieving pressure in bearings, each of two adjacent magnet systems comprises two or more magnets with their like poles placed together or a single magnet so magnetised that the poles at its ends have the same polarity. As shown in Fig. 1, the shaft 10 with a load 13 is supported by the attraction of magnets 16, 17 thereon by the fixed magnets 14, 15, both magnet pairs having like poles together. A modification for a horizontal shaft, which may carry a gyro-rotor is shown in Fig. 5, each fixed magnet system comprising two semi-circular magnets. Specification 550,788, [Group XXXVI], is referred to.




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