An improvement in or relating to gear mechanisms


591,324. Gearing mechanism. BROWN & SONS (HUDDERSFIELD), Ltd., D., and BALMFORTH, N. May 17,1945, No. 12388. [Classes 80 (i) and 80 (ii)] A gear mechanism incorporating two or more trains of gears includes means for effecting fine adjustment of the relative angular position of the second stage gears to equalize load. The first stage gears b, c are carried by sleeves b<1>, c\ secured to one end of quill shafts b<2>, c<2>. The other ends of the shafts b<2>, c<2> have portions b3, c<3> with helical teeth of small spiral angle, meshing with corresponding teeth in the bores of spur gear coupling members f<1>, g<1>. The cooperating-gear coupling members f<2>, g<2>, are formed on the sleeves d<1> e<1>, carrying the second stage gears d, e. Axial movement of members f <1>, g<1> by nuts h, i screwed to the shafts b<2>, c<2>, brings about relative angular movement between the latter and the sleeves bl', c<1> and thus between the second stage gears d, e.




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