Improvements in or relating to anti-skid or gripping devices for use upon footwear

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: John Lawn
  • Publication Date: July 14, 1947
  • Publication Number: GB-590307-A


590,307. Anti-skid devices for boots &c. LAWN, J. April 18, 1945, No. 9673. [Class 17 (ii)] A spiked member L carrying ground-engaging projections C is held in a removable manner in a dished or recessed portion K of a plate A adapted to be secured in a detachable manner to a boot or shoe. The recessed portion may, in a modification, have an aperture cut in it through which certain of the projections C may pass, the member L being located in position in both cases by engagement of projections C in slots M cut in the plate A. The attachment to the boot may comprise an elastic and leather strap secured to slots P in flexible projections B on the sides of the plate A. Spikes D on the inner side of the plate A and member L may engage the sole of the boot.




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