Improvements in or relating to rope or the like tensile testing machines


585,635. Rope tensile testing machines. BELFAST ROPEWORK CO., Ltd., ARMSTRONG, A. P., and ARNOLD, J. M. Oct. 20, 1944, No. 20333. [Class 106 (ii)] In a machine for testing the tensile strength of ropes or the like the attachment means for the rope ends comprises a bollard or like device 4 or 4a having a helical or screw-like groove 7 adapted to receive several convolutions of the rope. The bollards form parts of sliding blocks 3, 3a, which are attached respec-- tively to the weighing and stress-applying mechanism of the machine as by passing pins through holes 5, 5a, and the blocks are grooved at each side at 6, 6a to be engaged by rollers or discs mounted on ball bearings. As shown, the groove 7 is V-shaped and has a right-hand twist on bollard 4, and a left-hand twist on bollard 4a. The axes of the bollards are inclined to the vertical and the bollards taper to ensure a better grip on the rope ends. If the bollards are arranged on opposite sides of a horizontal centre or rope line, both grooves 7 can be of the same handed twist. The top of each bollard has a retaining flange beneath which the free end of the rope is tied.




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