Improvements in burner cones of oil lamps

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Sydney Harry Sherwood
  • Publication Date: December 16, 1946
  • Publication Number: GB-583326-A


583,326. Wick burners. SHERWOOD, S. H. Oct. 18, 1944, Nos. 20111 and 20113. [Class 75 (i)] [Also in Group XXII] A sheet-metal blank shown in Fig. 1 is formed into a burner cone for an oil lamp by cold-pressing and raising operations, the ends 4 of the blank being first raised, the wings 2 at the upper edge being then bent to form bulges, and the ends finally being closed to form a butt joint 9 as shown in Fig. 4. The cone is then secured by threading lugs 3 at its base though perforations in an annular seating 13 in a mount 14, Fig. 5, and a clamping washer 16, Fig. 6, and. then bending over the lugs.




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