Improvements in and relating to carriers for pneumatic transmission systems


580,475. Pneumatic despatch apparatus. LAMSON ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., and BURL, H. March 7,1945, No. 5686. Addition to 566,508. [Class 78 (i)] The carrier of the parent Specification is modified by forming the body in two parts comprising an outer tube 1 and an inner tube 2 and by clamping the spacing rings 3, 4 between abutments 5 formed on the ends of the outer tube and abutments 8, 11 formed on and attached to the ends of the inner tube. A ring 9 which supports the closure 10 is placed between the ring 3 and abutment 8. The abutment 11 is clamped between the buffer 15 and the flanged end 7 of the tube 2 by screw-and-nut mechanism. The tube 1 may comprise a series of tubular pieces and the tube 2 may be in the form of a cage.




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