Improvements in or relating to methods and tensioning devices for making ties by means of binding wire and fixing the ends of the tie

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Anton Gubser
  • Publication Date: July 30, 1946
  • Publication Number: GB-579288-A


579,288. Wire strainers. GUBSER, A. Jan. 18, 1944, No. 957. Convention date, Jan. 30, 1943. [Class 45] A tensioning device for a wire tie comprises two telescoping parts 1, 2 which can be forced to extend by a screw 3 threaded through the part 2 and bearing against the inner end of part 1. Surrounding the outer part 2 and pivoted thereto by a stub shaft 5 is a rocking member 6 tunnelled at 8 to receive the ends 11 of the looped wire binding 12, 13. Screws 9 grip the ends 11, and when the tapered nose of the part 1 is abutted against the loop 13 and the object 14, turning of the screw 3 will effect the requisite stretching of the wire. Grooves 10 in the nose of part 1 guide the end 11, and a slot 4 in its body allows to-and-fro movement of the shaft 5. After the tautening is effected the instrument is turned forward to bend the ends 11 over the loop 12 and the ends are snipped off short and hammered over.




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