Improvements in cycle stands


576,506. Cycles &c. FRENCH, G. F. Dec. 7, 1943, No. 20415. [Class 136 (i)] A cycle stand comprises a fitting 2 for attachment to the outer end of a pedal and to which is pivoted a frame 10 adapted to be folded either to an inoperative position (shown dotted) against a face of the pedal where it is held by the rider's foot or to be turned through approximately 270 degrees so that it projects from the opposite face of the pedal and forms a strut. The fitting 2 is in the form of an angled plate member on which shoulders 17 form stops for the frame 10 in the operative position, and a spring clip 13 engages the pedal central spindle in the inoperative position. Rubber or other pads on projections 11 may be engaged by the rider's foot to operate the stand. In a modification, a spring catch on the fitting 2 'replaces the clip 13 to secure the frame 10 in the inoperative position. For ladies' bicycles. which have shorter pedals, threaded extension fittings are provided to permit the use of standard size attachments.




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