Improvements in and relating to devices for securing articles mounted on a central support


575,182. Lamp holders. WARD & GOLDSTONE, Ltd., and GOLDSTONE, S. March 1, 1944, No. 3837. [Class 38 (i)] [Also in Groups XI and XXV] A member such as a lampshade 14 is detachably secured to a support such as a lampholder by a ring 15 having inw ardly projecting pins 16 insertable in gaps 11 in the surface of the holder and slidable along diametrically opposed serrated inclined planes 10 to press the shade against a flange 13 on the holder. Stops 12 are provided at the upper ends of the planes 10. The lower ends of the planes 10 may have upwardly turned projections over which the pins 16 must be lifted on insertion or removal from the gaps 11. The planes 10 may be formed in or attached to the holder. In another construction the ring 15 is fitted with spring pressed inwardly projecting pins to engage with sharp edged depressions 20 in grooves 19 in the holder. Specifications 7068/05, [Class 75], 5594/11 and 188,757, [both in Class 75 (ii)], are referred to.




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