Improvements in or relating to rocket discharging gear for aircraft


573,735. Rocket-discharging gear for aircraft. MOLINS, D. W., and MOLINS MACHINE CO., Ltd. Aug. 5, 1943, No. 12675. [Class 9 (ii)] Retractable rocketdischarging gear for use on aircraft comprises rail units 1, 2 supporting rockets R<1>, R<2> either retracted within the fuselage or, as shown in Fig. 2, with the rails 1 in the discharge position outside the fuselage. Means, such as a hydraulic jack 8, is provided to retract or extend in guides 7 on a support 4 a frame 3 carrying the rail units. The support 4 may be suspended from the usual bomb-release hook and the jack 8 may be arranged to open the usual bomb doors. After the first rocket has been extended and discharged, further means, such as a hydraulic jack 19, is operated to move the rails 2 carrying the second rocket R<2> through a gap formed by opening the rails 1 into the discharge position. For this latter purpose, the rails 2 are carried by arms 15 on a shaft 14 rotated by the jack 19 through toothed gearing 17. Additional crank arms 13 are connected by links 12 to arms 10 carrying the rails 1 to move them to the open position shown in dotted lines. The frames 3 are duplicated in fore-and-aft positions and connected for simultaneous movement and the rear rail supports 16 may be adjustable relatively to the front supports to tilt the rails to secure dispersion of fire. Rocket gear units comprising pairs of rockets as described may be arranged side by side as shown in Fig. 3 and connected for operation by single jacks 8, 19.




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