Conduit supporting clip

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Adel Prec Products Corp
  • Publication Date: December 03, 1945
  • Publication Number: GB-573701-A


573,701. Clips for conduits with pivoted securing clasps. ADEL PRECISION PRODUCTS CORPORATION. Sept. 21, 1943, No. 15471. Convention date, Feb. 15. [Class 52 (v)] In a conduit-supporting clip of the kind provided with a clasp for temporarily holding the ends of the clip strap prior to securing the clip to its support, the clasp, which is rotatably attached to one end of the strap, is provided with an integral hook for engaging the other end of the strap when it is in conduit-engaging position. As shown the clasp 10 is provided with legs for engagement with the support 7 and is rotatably secured to the end 3 of the strap 1 by a tubular rivet 12 and securing bolt 8. The clasp 10 has a portion 13 protruding therefrom the end 13<1> of which is formed as a hook for engaging the end 4 of the strap when the latter is engaged with the conduit 2. The clip strap is provided with a resilient strip 5 and a bonding strip 6. Specifications 572,691 and 573,708 are referred to.




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